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Maple Lake is located in northwest Minnesota, 2 miles south of Mentor in Polk County. It is located close to larger populations and is very convenient for residents and visitors to travel 1 hour or less to enjoy the lake for the day or weekend.

Maple Lake is approximately 1641 sq. acres and around 14 feet deep, and the nearly 20 miles of shoreline are populated with about 630 homes, public beaches and resorts. The lake is popular for recreational watersports and fishing with commonly caught fish such as, Walleye, Northern Pike, Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Sunfish, Perch and Bullheads, among others.

In the 1930’s the lake nearly dried up and beginning in 1940, a project involving the diversion of water from nearby Badger Lake and the Poplar River raised the lake to its current level. This rejuvenated the resort industry and the lake remains a popular summer home for many and recreational area for visitors.

Current News

April's Board meeting will be held on Thursday, April 9, 2020 at the Mentor Community Center at 7:00 pm if we are able during this Covid 19 pandemic.  

Large Boat Canopies

Property owners concerned about excessively large boat/pontoon in-lake canopies.  Please Click Here to see more on this matter.

Oxygen Levels in Maple Lake

A member of the MLID Board tested the oxygen on the lake on March 7th.   Please Click Here to see more information on this under News and Information.

Aerator Installed

Some members of the Maple Lake Improvement District Board installed the aerator on February 1st.  Aerators have been installed on Maple Lake most winters since the late '60's to insure that there is plenty of oxygen to prevent winter kill of fish.  The board tests the oxygen levels of the lake and has found that installing the aerator in the Maple Bay area before the oxygen starts to decline usually holds the oxygen levels through ice out. 


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